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Jun 20 • 2 minute read

Your smile is our top priority. Healthy teeth make a beautiful smile, but it doesn’t stop there. A great smile needs a great cause. At Pacific Palisades Dentistry and Pacific Palisades Pediatric Dentistry, we want to give you something to smile about. People don’t associate dentistry with fun, and we’re trying to change that – in our chair and in our city. We’re excited to sponsor Bridge to Health’s Santa Monica Fundraiser, an evening that’s all about having fun.

Our favorite thing about BTH is that, like us, they recognize the importance of preventative dentistry. Of course, their brigade teams treat those who are experiencing dental illness, pain and tooth decay. They perform extractions and provide fillings to patients living in the rural communities they visit. They even build dentures at their Uganda brigade site – at villages located 10,000 feet up local mountains! On top of all this, BTH also offers cleanings, oral health education, and pediatric fluoride-varnishing.

BTH knows that many of their patients may have never seen a dentist in their life, and, due to various barriers to dental care – cost of services, distance to facilities, and a lack of trained dental professionals – they may never see a dentist again. By providing preventative dental care and education, BTH reduces the likelihood that, in the future, their patients will find themselves with painful dental problems and without access to treatment.

While Pacific Palisades Dentistry and Pacific Palisades Pediatric Dentistry provide comprehensive, compassionate dental treatment to our community, what sets us apart is our focus on prevention. Maintaining healthy tissue is central to our treatment philosophy, and we utilize state-of-the-art, minimally invasive techniques every day to achieve this.

Oral health education also plays a role in our preventative strategy. We know that every patient has a certain level of “dental awareness”—that is, information about dentistry in general and knowledge about what is happening specifically in their own mouth. Our goal is to raise that level of awareness by demystifying dentistry to make the information more accessible. Through this process, the patient becomes a partner in the improvement of his or her own oral health, and by extension, the patient’s health in general.

We’re excited to support an organization that also sees how oral health is an indicator for overall health. Are you a health advocate too? Come meet some of our team at Bridge to Health’s Santa Monica Fundraiser. We hope to see you there!

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